Why Nobody’s Listening: Relationship Marketing in a Post-AdBlock Plus World

It is becoming easier and easier for users to tune out businesses only interested in peddling self-promotion. Businesses engaged on social media must come to terms with the fact that we cannot simply use it to project one-sided marketing messages, but rather foster an ongoing relationship with followers, a concept called ‘relationship marketing.’

Read more at: http://www.business.com/online-marketing/why-nobodys-listening-relationship-marketing-in-a-post-adblock-plus-world/

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Roundup Feature: “68 Great Local SEO Posts of 2015”

Thanks to Vivek Patel for reaching out and featuring me on E2M Solutions’ new roundup about local SEO. This features my post about a local SEO citation template on the Page One Power blog, Linkarati.

You can find E2M Solutions’ roundup here: http://www.e2msolutions.com/blog/68-great-local-seo-posts-of-2015/#Local_SEO_Citation_Audit

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Hire Like Uber: How to Leverage the Freelance Economy for Startup Growth

Accessible employment requirements, data-driven management, and a seemingly inexhaustible market of new drivers mean that Uber is able to predict supply and meet demand swiftly. However, it doesn’t take Uber’s specific business model to implement their hiring strategies.

In many ways, their success predicts the continued rise of contract and freelance employment across a wide range of industries. In this post, I’ll discuss how startups can implement Uber’s management strategies to reduce costs and foster growth.

Read more at: https://www.business.com/recruiting/hire-like-uber-how-to-leverage-the-freelance-economy-for-startup-growth/

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3 Takeaways From 1 Million Search Results: Here’s What Works in 2016

Google is often as clear as mud when it comes to clarifying the specifics on how it ranks content, frequently championing user experience and “best practices” over clear instructions on how to rank better. However, their intention is much clearer: Offer value.

It’s a practical approach – by ranking content based on perceived user value, SEO becomes less about manipulation and more about offering value and usability. However, good intentions aren’t enough to land on page one; it requires some savvy on the specifics of what Google is looking for.

Read more at: http://www.business.com/seo-marketing/3-takeaways-from-1-million-search-results-heres-what-works-in-2016/

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Why You Need to Make Time to Grow Your Emotional Intelligence

Of course, it would be cynical to say that wringing every second out of the workday were the only motive for valuing EI in the workplace. A culture of support is crucial in encouraging innovation. Employees need to be comfortable with their emotions, and those of their peers, to allow an open exchange of ideas and constructive criticism.

However, it doesn’t hurt to note that being emotionally intelligent can be a huge time saver.

Read more at: http://blog.desktime.com/2016/01/20/why-you-need-to-make-time-to-grow-your-emotional-intelligence/

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Why New Software Isn’t Going to Solve Your Management Problems

When deadlines are missed and goals aren’t met, it is a manager’s instinct to identify a quick solution. What tool can we use to streamline our process, or enable better communication?

It is tempting to think that lagging productivity is something that can just be solved through technology. And it’s just as tempting to assume that these problems never stem from deeply rooted issues with employee morale, how teams coordinate, and managerial standards.

Read more at: http://blog.mycorporation.com/2016/01/new-software-isnt-going-solve-management-problems/

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Get the Word Out: The SEO Advantages of a Local, Niche Content Strategy

While SEOs are always learning what exactly results in higher rankings, there’s always an unmistakable correlation between user value and rankings. Google has always valued content that provides the most relevant and authoritative solution for users’ needs. When you consistently offer users that unique value with a local, niche content strategy, it can only mean great things for your rankings.

Read more at: http://www.business.com/seo-marketing/understand-the-seo-advantages-of-a-local-niche-content-strategy/

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